International Student Services

Address Update Requirement


Federal regulations require you to notify Immigration of your address in the United States within ten days of any change. You must have both a local and permanent address on file with the UW. “Local address” refers to your address in the Seattle area. “Permanent address” refers to an address outside the U.S. Through MyUW, you can direct your mail (including your UW diploma) to your local or permanent address.

Local Address Update

F-1 Students Enrolled for UW Classes: make changes through MyUW.  The U.S. government will be automatically notified.

On-campus residents: If you live in a UW residence hall, follow the required format in MyUW.

Off-campus residents: If you live off campus, input your address in this format:

Street address (Number of your house or apartment building, not building name, followed by street name); Apartment unit/suite number (if applicable)
City, state, zip code

123 45th Street NE #1
Seattle, WA  98000

F-1 Students on OPT: make changes using the U.S. government’s SEVP Portal
J-1 Students: If your DS-2019 was issued by an organization other than UW, contact your program sponsor to update your address, in addition to updating your address through MyUW.

Permanent Address Update

All international students in F (student) or J (exchange visitor) status are required by law to report their permanent address outside the U.S. to the government, and update the government within 10 days of any change. The permanent address can be a relative’s or friend’s residential address. It cannot be a U.S. address, university department address, or business address.