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International Student Services

Time Off (F-1)

In some situations, you may not take time off from your studies or withdraw completely.

Dropping or Withdrawing from Classes

Students considering dropping a course or withdrawing from the quarter should understand the process and implication to your their immigration status.

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Leave of Absence

If you intend to take a break from your studies, you can request an immigration Leave of Absence.

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Returning to UW Pathways

Returning from a leave of absence has implications on your immigration status and benefits such as CPT and OPT.

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Returning Student I-20

If returning to the UW after an extended period, plan ahead of time to receive a new immigration document.

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I-20 Reactivation

If you are returning after a brief break from your studies, you may be eligible to reactivate your prior F-1 immigration record.

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Vacation Quarter

Students are allowed to take a vacation quarter annually.

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