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International Student Services

SEVIS Reactivation

If you are returning after a brief break from your studies, you may be eligible to reactivate your prior F-1 immigration record.


Students who meet the following conditions can request a reactivation of the current SEVIS record:

  • Your immigration leave of absence was only one quarter
  • You will travel to the U.S. for the upcoming quarter.

Requesting a SEVIS Reactivation

SEVIS Reactivation

To prepare for your arrival, take the following steps:

  • Talk with your academic department/adviser to determine if you are eligible to enroll in classes.
  • Check whether you need to apply for a new F-1 visa. If so, go ahead and schedule your appointment.
  • Purchase a flight back to the U.S. Your ticket information may be necessary for ISS to reactivate your record.

Log into your MyISSS portal and submit the SEVIS Reactivation request. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Date you departed the U.S.
  • Date you intend to return to the U.S.
  • Date you were last enrolled at the UW
  • Proof of departure from the U.S.
  • Flight Itinerary for Return to the U.S

ISS will submit a request for your SEVIS Reactivation to SEVP. Ultimately, SEVP determines whether to reactivate your record. If approved, ISS will issue you an updated I-20 with a valid travel signature.