International Student Services

New Major I-20 Request

When you are accepted into a major, change your major, or add a second major, you must request a new I-20.  F-1 regulations require the I-20 to be updated with the new program information. Wait until the pre-major designation is gone and your new major appears for the current quarter in your MyUW account.

Minors do not require an I-20 update. They will be updated in the electronic SEVIS record but not printed on a new I-20.

To request an updated I-20 with a new major:

  1. Verify the major appears in your MyUW account. Please note: the major information MUST first appear in your MyUW account in order for ISS to issue the new I-20.
  2. When you see the new major appear in your MyUW account, please email to request an updated I-20. Include your full name and UW student ID number. Please allow 7-10 business days for ISS processing.
  3. You will receive an email from ISS ( when your updated I-20 is ready for pick up.