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International Student Services

Concurrent Enrollment

You can “concurrently enroll,” which means you take classes at UW and another U.S. school in the same quarter, and ISS combines the credits to count as full-time.


  • You must take the majority of your required minimum credits at UW: at least 7 credits of your required 12-credit minimum for undergraduates, or for graduate students, at least 6 of your 10-credit minimum. If you plan to enroll full-time at UW in addition to the credits at another school, you do not need to request concurrent enrollment.
  • You must take courses at the appropriate educational level
  • The credits should count towards your UW degree; consult your academic adviser to ensure the credits will transfer back to UW.
  • The other U.S. school must be eligible to enroll F-1 international students at their institution.
  • Contact ISS before your proposed concurrent enrollment quarter to ensure the request will be approved by UW ISS.

How to Apply for Concurrent Enrollment Permission from ISS

  1. Consult your academic adviser to be sure the course will count towards your UW degree.
  2. Register for the course at the other college.
  3. Submit the Concurrent Enrollment Approval request through MyISSS.

After Your Concurrent Enrollment Quarter

  1. Undergraduate students: contact Undergraduate Admissions at for instructions on transferring your credit to UW. (We in ISS do not evaluate transfer credits; we only update the SEVIS record to indicate full-time enrollment for F1 status).
    Graduate students: contact your graduate program coordinator for transfer instructions.
  2. Upload a copy of your unofficial transcript from your other college through MyISSS. This will be ISS documentation that you completed your class.