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Meet Our Advisers – Jo Anne Marie

How did you become interested in working with international students?

Well, I was born in the U.S., but my parents immigrated from the Philippines. My family has been navigating the immigration process since before I was born.  I’ve seen and heard stories of the challenges they had to overcome. When I started working in higher education, I was an administrative assistant in academic and international student advising. I slowly progressed in different roles during and after my undergraduate studies that allowed me to support and advocate for student needs. I really enjoy the work I was doing and wanted to work with international students full-time and that’s how I ended up here at UW!

What are you watching listening to?

I’m always listening to music. Noah Kahan’s album Stick Season is something I’ve been listening to every day this season.

Do you have any pets?

My husband and I are hoping to get a pup later this year 😊

Do you have any unique hobby or skill? Is there something you want to learn?

I love long road trips, eating delicious food, and crochet! I’m hoping to learn how to play the ukulele this year 😊

Do you have a favorite place in the world?

Last year my husband and I visited Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. The mountain range i breathtaking. Highly recommend to visit!