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I-765 Review Ending

Beginning June 12, 2023, ISS advisers will no longer review I-765 documents when processing OPT. Our advisers have discussed this change since 2022 and following spring 2023, we have ended our review process.

What does this mean to you?

  • If you’ve already submitted an OPT request to our advising team, they will not review the draft I-765 in your request form.
  • If you are submitting a new OPT request, you will not have an option to upload the I-765 document for adviser review.

How can I make sure my I-765 is correct?

ISS has different tools to help you fill out the I-765. You may review our Tips for Filing the I-765 blog post and the I-765 Guides we have on our website.

Why did ISS make this change?

ISS advisers discussed the idea of removing the I-765 review several times since spring 2022. When the full advising team agreed to remove the review it was for the following reasons.

  • The online I-765 application is very easy and takes students through the requirements for filing the form.
  • Too many students incorrectly filed the online I-765 without obtaining their I-20 from ISS. While we aren’t sure that this is due to students uploading their I-765s to advisers, we wanted to eliminate the possibility.
  • The form I-765 is a request between the student and USCIS. ISS advisers are not responsible for what students put in the form and thus we wanted to eliminate our review from the OPT process.

Please note that our advisers will be making adjustments to our one of our OPT videos to ensure that the I-765 review is no longer part of our OPT request overview.

We thank you all for your understanding as we adapt our processes to better serve you moving forward.