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Tips for Filing the I-765

As we finish out winter quarter, ISS advisors are preparing for the heavy OPT season for spring quarter graduates. To help you prepare, our newest advisor in ISS, Sophia Schuessler, shared some tips for filling out your I-765!

When filing the I-765 with USCIS (either with a physical form or online) it is important to remember: You must have your recommended OPT I-20 before you apply to USCIS. Students often get denied because they either file the documents out of order, or students apply to USCIS with an OPT I-20 that is older than 30 days.When filling out a physical I-765 and filing by mail, it is important to ensure the following:

  • Make sure your information is accurate. You should double and triple-check your entries to make sure that all of the information is correct.
  • USCIS make it clear that they would like you to use black ink when filling out the physical I-765. You should also make sure your handwriting is clear and legible.
  • Make sure to sign where your signature is required. USCIS will reject and return any unsigned form.
  • You should compile the required documents (evidence) before sending the application. Any document that is uploaded that is not in English must be uploaded with an English translation.

When filling out the I-765 and filing online, please ensure the following:

  • Again, accurate information is so important. Double-check your information!
  • Complete all sections of the I-765. If spaces are left blank or the form is not signed, this can be troublesome. USCIS specifies to read the instructions for when your answer requires a “zero” or “N/A (Not Applicable)”. One of the nice things about filling out the I-765 online is it does not allow you to miss steps and provides a warning label when sections are left blank. This can be reassuring for students when filling out the application.
  • Make sure you upload all of the required documents (evidence) in the format USCIS specifies (These are the acceptable formats accepted by USCIS: PDF, JPG, or JPEG). Any document that is uploaded that is not in English must be uploaded with an English translation.