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Summer Jobs for F-1 and J-1 Students

Summer is (almost) here and we know that many students are hoping to work on or off campus. Thus, we wanted to share some reminders about what you need to do to work! Know that the rules for F-1 and J-1 students will differ so make sure that you check on the appropriate rules for your visa type.

F-1 Students

On-Campus Work

  • Students on F-1 visas can work on-campus up to 20 hours a week without requesting additional support or authorization as long as 1) their I-20 comes from UW-Seattle; 2) they are in valid F-1 status; and 3) the job they’re working for is truly on-campus.
  • During a vacation quarter and during breaks, students can work over 20 hours a week on campus with no additional authorization.
  • If summer quarter is a required full-time enrollment quarter, you can work only 20 hours a week on campus. Any additional work will require CPT authorization.

Off-Campus Work

  • F-1 students may only work off-campus if they have authorization. This usually requires Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Students cannot work off-campus or begin their CPTs before their CPTs are processed and they receive their CPT I-20s. Plan to apply for CPT authorization 3-4 weeks before a job or internship starts.

J-1 Students

On-Campus Work

  • Students on J-1 visas must request on-campus authorization to work on-campus at all times. They may not begin working until the authorization is processed. Students can request authorization through our form in MyISSS.
  • During a summer vacation quarter and during breaks, students on J-1 visas can work over 20 hours a week WITH on-campus work authorization. Students must submit the request in MyISSS to get authorization.
  • When J-1 students are authorized for on-campus employment, they will receive an on-campus employment letter. They must show this to their on-campus hiring units to confirm that they are authorized to work.

Off-Campus Work

  • J-1 students may work off-campus if they have authorization. The most common form of off-campus authorization for students is academic training. Students are limited to 18 total months of academic training while studying toward their full-time degree. Non-degree students have less time for academic training. Students can learn more about academic training by visiting our website.

As always, if students have questions about options for working on or off campus, they can meet with an adviser to learn more.