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Update Your ISHIP Coverage for Summer

As an F-1 or J-1 international student, you are required to have health insurance. Most students are automatically enrolled in the International Student Health Insurance Plan (ISHIP) which has 2 different rates: quarterly and annual.

What is the difference between the quarterly and annual rates?

The Quarterly coverage is applied every quarter once you register for classes. If you do not register for classes in a quarter, including summer, you will not be enrolled in insurance. However, the Annual coverage is applied once and applies throughout the academic year regardless of whether you enroll.  You may choose the annual coverage during the Autumn, Winter, or Spring quarters only. Coverage begins in the quarter in which you select annual coverage and extends through the following August. This means that if you enroll in the Annual coverage in a previous quarter, you are covered during the summer even if you are not taking classes. 

How do I enroll in ISHIP?

International students initially sign up for ISHIP when they register for classes via MyUW the very first time. In MyUW, click on the Registration link. You will be taken to the Insurance/Optional Charges link in the top menuYou are automatically enrolled in quarterly coverage and can see the rate for quarterly coverage at that timeThere are two additional selection boxes that you may check if you would like the annual coverage and or to add dependents, if applicable. 

I am enrolled in the Quarterly rate but would like to switch to the Annual rate for summer coverage. Can I do this now?

Yes! You still have time to change from the quarterly plan to the annual plan during a registration cycle via MyUW. The annual plan purchased during spring quarter registration covers spring and summer quarters. 

  • Once logged into MyUW, click on the Registration link. 
  • Once registered for classes, click on the Insurance/Optional Charges link in the top menu. 
  • Select the insurance options changes you wish to make on Insurance/Optional Charges page 

Changes can only be made through the third Friday of the quarter (April 12, 2024 for Spring 2024). 


I am on GAIP insurance? Am I covered during the summer?

ISS does not administer the GAIP program. For questions related to this, you can contact your hiring department.