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Post COVID Guidance for STEM OPT

Our advising team recently discussed the upcoming end of the SEVP COVID Guidance which ends after this academic year (June 10, 2023). While remote work for STEM OPT Employers was allowed under COVID guidance, we are anticipating that the regulations will return to normal and require direct supervision/on-site work from your employer. If the COVID guidance expires, you will be required to have an in-person/on-site component to your employment. Your I-983 training plan will need to include a work site address of the physical location of your company on page 3.

Our STEM OPT I-20 Request form will be updated this week to ensure you confirm that you understand the in-person/on-site requirement of STEM OPT employment. Students who have submitted STEM OPT I-20 Extension requests may need to update their requests to confirm their understanding.