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Tips for Completing the I-983 Training Plan

The I-983 Training Plan is intended to ensure educational benefits for F-1 students in their practical training experiences.

You and your employer must complete and sign Form I-983. ISS cannot provide advice to employers about the I-983 Training Plan requirements.

Review the I-983 Training Plan instructions provided by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP).

Form I-983 Information

This additional information is to supplement the instructions provided by SEVP.

UW SEVIS School Code:


UW SEVIS School Code for GIX:


Designated School Official (DSO) Name and Contact Information

Choose any name from the ISS advising team:

  • Adam Russell
  • Alisa Sweet
  • Brittany Hill
  • Jo Anne Marie Ancheta
  • Maxine Montany
  • Sophia Schuessler

ISS Contact information:

1410 NE Campus Parkway, 459 Schmitz
Seattle, WA 98195

Qualifying Major and Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) Code

I-20s from June 2015 or earlier
The CIP code is printed at the top of page three of your I-20. The code is 6 digits long (xx.xxxx). Once you find your code, you can consult the entire list of individual eligible CIP codes for the STEM extension.

I-20s from July 2015 to present
The CIP code is printed next to your major on page one of your I-20.

Date Awarded (Degree Date)

If you are using your UW degree as the basis for your STEM OPT extension, log in to your MyUW page. Click on “Academics” in the left-side navigation bar, then click on “Unofficial Transcript.” The date you earned your degree is listed at the bottom of the transcript.

Employment Authorization Number

This is the USCIS# on your Employment Authorization Document (EAD card). The SEVP Training Plan slides reference the “A” number. However, EADs issued after October 24, 2011 do not have the “A” prefix before this number.

Signature of Employer Official with Signatory Authority

Employer = University of Washington
If you are employed by the University of Washington, the Chair or Dean of your hiring department should sign as the Employer Official with Signatory Authority.

Employer = non-UW
If you are working for an employer other than UW, your employer will need to determine who can sign this section.

Page 5: Evaluation on Student Progress and Final Evaluation on Student Progress

This page can be left blank when you submit your I-983 Training Plan to ISS to request your STEM OPT extension I-20. You must complete these evaluations annually during your STEM OPT extension period; be sure to mark your calendar now.