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STEM OPT Application Address Issue

Some students applying for their STEM OPT Extension are not receiving their EAD cards at their current addresses. This issue may impact students who are applying for the STEM OPT extension if they have moved since filing their last I-765.

What is happening?

Students who applied for OPT by filing their I-765 online with USCIS are not receiving their EAD card at their new address. Rather, it is being sent to the old address that USCIS has on file from the previous I-765 application.

While ISS is hopeful that USCIS will improve its systems to fix this error, we’ve created some steps you can take to ensure you receive your EAD card at the right address.

Steps to Ensure Your EAD Card is Sent to the Correct Address

  1. Try to update your address in your USCIS online profile before you submit your STEM OPT application.
  2. If the online application system does not allow you to change your profile address until after you submit the application, file a USCIS address change form after you submit your STEM OPT application online.
  3. Make sure you put your correct address on your I-765 application.
  4. Monitor your receipt notice to see that it is mailed to the correct address. If the receipt notice is mailed to your old address in error, submit the address change form to USCIS or contact USCIS directly.

Update from 2/21/2023:

We have heard that in a recent NAFSA-USCIS meeting, USCIS officials informed NAFSA that system fixes have been implemented to stop the problems with EADs being sent to applicants’ prior addresses.