International Student Services

Documents F-1 Students Must Upload

I-94 Online Printout or Paper Card

Air or Sea Entry

Online I-94s are automatically issued if you arrive by airplane or ship.

    • Step 1: Visit: I-94 Website.
    • Step 2: Get most recent I-94 form.
    • Confirm your I-94 has “D/S” and “F-1” like this example. If it is different, stop and contact ISS for help.
    • Step 3: Use the “print” button to download a PDF of your I-94. Save this for uploading, and for your records.

Land Entry

Non-immigrants who arrive in the U.S. by crossing a land border will be issued a white paper I-94 card.

    • Step 1: Check that your I-94 has “D/S” and “F-1” — if it has something different, contact ISS for assistance before uploading.
    • Step 2: Scan or photograph both the front and back of the paper card for upload.