New Student Post-Arrival Checklist

Complete Online New Student Check-In

  • The U.S. government requires both F-1 and J-1 new students to officially “check in” after they have arrived in the U.S.
  • No appointment or meeting is required —  check-in is 100% online.
  • Please complete your online check-in as early as you can. The deadline is April 1, 2019. Earlier is better!
  • Incomplete check-ins endanger your status with the U.S. government. ISS will put a hold on your university account if this process is not done correctly.

Start Here: Get Prepared!

Enroll for Classes at UW

Proofread Immigration Documents

Prepare Digital Files

F-1 Process Instructions (pdf)

              J-1 Process Instructions (pdf)

Prepare Contact Information

U.S. Phone Number

F-1 students:

If you have a U.S. phone number, update your MyUW account

If you do not have a U.S. phone number, complete our online Telephone Confirmation form

J-1 students: Do not leave the phone number field blank in MyUW! The U.S. government requires the phone number field to show a number.

If you have a U.S. phone number, updated your MyUW account.

If you do not plan to get a U.S. phone number, type in the Study Abroad office number: 206-221-4404

Step 1: Complete Online Check-In

Online Check In

Step 2: Update My UW with Government-Required Contact Information

If you have not already done so, update your local address and U.S. phone number in My UW.

Step 3: Attend Required Embark Session

All new international students on F-1 or J-1 visas at the University of Washington Seattle are required by the university to attend one Embark session, organized by FIUTS in collaboration with the UW International Student Services office and other campus offices.

At your Embark session you will:

    • Connect with other new and returning students
    • Prepare for your cultural transition to the UW and U.S.
    • Learn more about maintaining your legal status with the U.S. government while studying at UW.