International Student Services

Post-Arrival Checklist

Complete the Immigration Check-In Online

  • The U.S. government requires all F-1 and J-1 students to officially “check in” with their university when they begin a new program of study in the U.S.
  • No appointment or meeting is required —  check-in at the UW is 100% online.
  • You must be inside the U.S. to check in. Please complete your online check-in as soon as you can after you successfully enter the U.S.
Starting Quarter Online Check-In Opens Check-In Deadline
Summer 2022 May 23, 2022 June 21, 2022
Autumn 2022 August 29, 2022 September 28, 2022

Step 1: Prepare!

  1. Successfully enter the United States. You must be inside the U.S. to check in.
  2. Enroll full-time for classes at UW
  3. Prepare digital file of documents for upload
    1. Document Checklist – F-1 Students
    2. Document Checklist – J-1 Students

Step 2: Update Your MyUW Contact Information

Avoid Rejection! Contact information problems are the most common reason student check-ins fail.

Use the MyUW Contact Info Update Guide to avoid common problems.

Your contact information must exactly match the U.S. Post Office’s database to successfully be checked in.

  • Rejected check-ins endanger your status with the U.S. government. ISS will put a hold on your university account if this process is not done correctly.

Step 3: Complete the Immigration Check-In & Document Upload Form

Complete the Check-In in MyISSS

F-1 Process Instructions (pdf)

J-1 Process Instructions (pdf)

Step 4: Complete Required Orientation Session

All new international students on F-1 or J-1 visas are required by the University to attend one orientation session.

More information about orientation will be posted when it is available