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H-1B Season is Here!

We’ve had a lot of students come to ISS to talk about their questions about the H-1B visa recently and we wanted to make sure to communicate clearly about how ISS can help you with your questions.

ISS’s Purview

ISS’s mission is to advise students about their F-1 or J-1 visas. While we may have knowledge or experience advising on H-1Bs, we are not able to advise you about your petition or your travel related to your H-1B processing.

H-1B’s Connection to F-1

We do have a few websites to help you with the basics of understanding the H-1B:
Beyond OPT to H-1B Visa

  • This web page has frequently asked questions to help you understand general information about an H-1B.

H-1B Cap Gap Extension

  • Students who apply for the H-1B receive a Cap-Gap Extension. Our role in ISS is usually just to issue you an updated I-20 showing the Cap-Gap. But we have other information on our website for you to review.

Who is the H-1B Expert on Campus?

While ISS can’t advise you about H-1Bs, there are other offices that may help you with questions about H-1B status.

International Scholars Operations

  • This office helps hire UW employees. Students applying for private or outside companies cannot go to ISO to ask questions though you may read their overview of the visa type online

Student Legal Services

  • Students who are currently enrolled in courses at UW and pay the student fees may meet with lawyers or legal interns with SLS to discuss the H-1B.

The real experts about H-1Bs are going to be immigration attorneys. We encourage you to seek advice about your H-1B petition from the attorney who is filing it for you. They are best able to support you as they are experts in this area. Please understand that if you come to ISS drop-ins to ask questions about your H-1B petition or processing, our advisors may refer you back to your attorney.