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F-1 Transfers to Another School

On April 21, 2023, we held a group advising and information session about transferring your SEVIS record to another school.

Along with sharing the recording with you, we wanted to give you a few pro tips to ensure you have a successful transfer.

Pro-Tips for F-1 SEVIS Transfer Success

  • Upload a copy of your admission letter to your new school.
  • Make sure you know the SEVIS School Code for your new school and input it correctly in the form (without spaces).
  • Do the math. Make sure that there are less than 5 months between your end date with UW and the start date of classes at your new school.
  • If you’re on OPT, make sure you’re eligible.
    • Apply for the transfer after your OPT is approved by USCIS.
      • Our advisors will not transfer records that have “requested” or “pending” OPT in SEVIS.
    • Only request a transfer if you have less than 90 days of unemployment.
      • We cannot transfer your SEVIS record if you have maxed out your unemployment.
    • Submit an end-of-employment report in MyISSS so the advisor can report the end of your employment and confirm that you’re eligible for transfer.
      • If we haven’t confirmed the end of your employment, we may request clarification which causes delays in processing your transfer.

Thanks! We hope you enjoy watching the video recording!