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Expanded Services Beginning Winter 2024

Those of you who stopped by our drop-in advising sessions in autumn may know that we had three new advisors in training throughout the quarter (if you’re interested in learning more about our advisors, you can check out our blog archives!). We are happy to announce that all advisors are now fully trained and advising full-time. Not only do we have three new advisors, ISS also hopes to hire one more advisor this quarter to further expand the team by spring quarter!

What does this mean for our students?

With these new changes, our goal is to 1) be able to process requests more quickly, 2) meet with more students during drop-in advising, and 3) provide timelier responses to your emails. For more information on our current services, you can review our website and calendar.

We greatly appreciate your patience with ISS as we went through some pretty big changes over the last year. We are excited to have our team of five advisors trained and advising, so that we can now better support you and our international student community.