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International Student Services

Transferring Schools


A J-1 student may transfer from one program sponsor to another if the purpose of the transfer is to complete the objective for which he or she was admitted to exchange visitor status and if the exchange visitor remains within the same participant category.

There are several benefits to a SEVIS transfer:

  • You do not pay the $350 SEVIS fee again
  • You can remain in the U.S. in between programs
  • You maintain the same current SEVIS ID number

Eligibility for an J-1 SEVIS Record Transfer

  • You must currently be maintaining J-1 status
  • You must have an offer of admission from a new school

What is the SEVIS DS-2019 Transfer/Release Date?

Only one school at a time can access your J-1 SEVIS record. On the SEVIS DS-2019 transfer/release date, SEVIS access “transfers” from UW to your new school.

On the SEVIS transfer/release date:

  • The UW ISS office loses access to your electronic SEVIS record
  • Your new school gains access to your electronic SEVIS record; your new school can create your new DS-2019 only after the SEVIS transfer/release date
  • On-campus work authorization is cancelled
  • The UW DS-2019 is no longer valid for travel to the U.S.

How to Request a Transfer

  1. Gather the necessary information/documents to complete the online ISS SEVIS DS-2019 Transfer/Release Request Webform:
    1. Offer of admission (scan or photo of admission letter or email with offer of admission)
    2. New school’s SEVIS code (contact your new school if you do not know what this is)
    3. Decide your requested SEVIS transfer/release date
  2. Complete the online ISS SEVIS DS-2019 Transfer/Release Request through MyISSS.
  3. Allow time for ISS processing. Please note that after the transfer out date the UW will no longer have access to your SEVIS record, so request a transfer only after your plans are certain.
  4. You will receive an email confirmation of your SEVIS transfer/release from ISS. If you are registered for a future quarter at UW, don’t forget to withdraw and fulfill any financial obligations with the University before you transfer to your new school or leave the U.S. Note the tuition forfeiture and refund policies posted by Student Fiscal Services.
  5. Contact the new school to arrange when and how to receive your new DS-2019.