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Visiting Virtual Drop-Ins? Learn about how they work!

In Autumn 2022, the International Student Advising Team is hosting virtual drop-in advising sessions for you. Because all of our ISS team is working hard to process your requests and respond to your other inquiries, we won’t have a host during our Zoom meeting. Please review the information on this post to know what to expect.

Joining Drop-Ins

An advisor will open the Zoom meeting by 8:55 AM, five minutes before the virtual drop-ins begin. When the Zoom meeting room is opened, you will see a welcome screen for the waiting room. The waiting room will have a link for you to check in with your student information. You must complete the check-in form for an ISS advisor to meet with you.


Each advisor will only be able to serve 12 students total during virtual drop-ins. During most days, we will have two advisors available to support you. There are some days when we only have one advisor available.

When we reach capacity, one of the advisors will lock the Zoom room. When the room is locked, no more students are able to join virtual drop-ins for the day. And, if you are in the room, you will need to wait for your turn to be seen by an advisor.

When is my turn?

Advisors will meet with students one at a time. We see students on a first-come, first-serve basis. That means that if you were the 24th person to check in, you may be the last person to be seen during drop-ins.

You can track your place in the queue in our spreadsheet.

I didn’t join early enough. What can I do?

If you weren’t able to see an advisor on virtual drop-ins, please check to see if you can find the answer on the website. If you’ve done so already, you can visit us at in-person drop-ins in Schmitz 490.

Thank you for your interest in Virtual Drop-Ins! We hope to serve you soon!