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Spring Quarter Update & Reminders

As spring quarter gets underway, I want to update you on ISS services and staffing as well as encourage you to plan early for any requests you may need this quarter.

Spring quarter is remarkably busy for students but also for ISS staff. With about 2000 international students graduating in June or August, hundreds participating in summer internships, and thousands more traveling over the summer, the ISS will receive the highest volume of requests during spring quarter. From March through August 2022, the ISS team completed over 10,700 MyISSS requests. In addition to this high volume of requests, the ISS currently has 3 vacant advisor positions that we will be filling as quickly as possible. I ask for understanding and patience this quarter as the ISS team works hard to minimize the impact these vacancies may cause during the busiest time in our office.

I also want to remind you that our processing timeline for MyISSS requests is up to 3 weeks. With the high volume of requests, we anticipate this quarter, we will likely need the full 3 weeks to review and process requests. We cannot expedite requests and although in some cases it may be processed in fewer than 3 weeks, this should not be expected. Plan in advance, submit your request early, and allow the full 3 weeks for processing.

During spring quarter, the ISS advising team will continue to offer in-person drop-in advising, virtual drop-in advising, as well as group information sessions on F-1 topics like Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT), Curricular Practical Training (CPT), STEM OPT, and general on-campus employment. If you have reviewed the resources and information available on our web pages but you still have questions, I encourage you to review the options to Meet an Advisor. You can also email us by using the Contact Us form. You will receive a response to commonly asked questions within a few days but more complicated, advising questions can take a week or more for a reply because of the complexities.

The ISS staff serves over 9,000 currently enrolled students and alumni on OPT/STEM OPT. Each of us is dedicated to providing you with the best service as quickly and efficiently as possible. We must also ensure compliance with federal regulations to protect your status and the institution. Our work is detailed, and each request is reviewed carefully to ensure it is processed and approved accurately. We also need your help in this process. Use the online resources we have made available to you, plan early, carefully review the instructions with each request to avoid errors and delays, submit your completed request through the MyISSS platform, and monitor the request status in your ISSS profile.

We appreciate each of you and look forward to helping you complete the 2022-2023 academic year, whether you are graduating or moving into the next year of your degree program.

All the best,

Kim Lovaas
Director of International Student Services