International Student Services


MyISSS (pronounced “my I-triple-S“) is your resource for immigration-related request forms and information. This resource allows students to submit requests to the ISS office, view information related to their F or J status, and receive announcements from our office.

Access Your MyISSS Profile

This page provides an overview of MyISSS and how you will use it, including how to:

  • log in
  • submit a request
  • access your immigration documents

Training Videos

What is MyISSS and how can I access it?

Once you receive your invitation to access your profile, login via the MyISSS landing page. Login using your NetID and Duo two-factor authentication.

Tip: When using Duo two-factor authentication, if you are outside the U.S., we recommend you use the ‘generate code‘ or ‘push notification‘ authentication option. ‘Call‘ is not an option internationally.

How to make a request using MyISSS

Tip: Click the button labeled ‘submit’ in order to fully submit your request. Clicking ‘save’ will only save your progress, it will not submit the request to the ISS office for processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having trouble accessing MyISSS - what should I do?

To access your custom ISSS profile, you must:

  • Receive official admission to the University of Washington
  • Claim your NetID and password
  • Wait approximately 3-5 business days after both items above are complete for the system data to refresh
  • If you are still unable to access your account, it is likely an issue with your NetID and you will need to contact UW IT Connect.

How will I know if ISS received my request?

Log in to your profile in ISSS and navigate to the Requests and Information section. You will see a list of all pending requests – each will have a status message so you can check the progress of your request.

What does the status message attached to my request mean?

There are several possible status messages for student requests.

  • Draft: You have started or saved a request to complete at a later time. It has not been submitted.
  • Adv Review: Your request has been sent to an external reviewer (i.e. your academic advisor) for approval.
  • Submitted: Your request has been assigned to ISS advisor for review.
  • Clarification Requested: More information is needed in order to complete your request. Check your email for specific details.
  • Dismissed: Your request was incomplete or you are otherwise ineligible. Check your email for specific details and next steps.
  • Approved: An ISS staff member has reviewed your request and submitted it to the government database, SEVIS, for validation.
  • Completed: The request has been validated by SEVIS. If there was a document associated with your request (a new I-20 or DS-2019), the document is ready for you. This is the final status message for successful requests.

I cannot submit my request - what should I do?

When submitting a request, if the submission is not successful, you will receive an error stating that your submission is incomplete. If there are required fields, you will not be able to proceed with the submission until you have completed those sections.

Some requests will require approval by UW staff outside of the ISS office. In these cases, your request will not be processed by ISS until the external staff member (department advisor, program coordinator, etc.) has completed their portion of the request.

Make sure you have clicked ‘submit’ when you finish completing your form.

How long will my request take to process?

Log into your MyISSS account. Current processing times are listed on the ISS homepage

Why hasn't my request been processed yet?

Requests will be processed once they have been submitted. Your request is not submitted until you complete all the required fields and click ‘submit’.

ISS staff will not respond to questions about the status of a request. You can always check the status of any request by logging into your MyISSS profile and reviewing the request. Make sure to also check for any emails regarding the request.