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J-1 Students and Work Opportunities

J-1 students are advised to revisit the rules of their J-1 visa. We have a few reminders here to help with some common questions.

Online Courses

J-1 students are not allowed to count any online classes towards full-time enrollment. While hybrid courses may be counted towards full-time enrollment, if J-1 students learn that their course has limited in-person requirements, they should plan to adjust their enrollment to take in-person courses. In-person, on-the-ground activities are key to intercultural exchange, which is the purpose of the J-1 visa.

Remote Work

J-1 students should not engage in remote on-campus employment or remote academic training. Students should be engaged in on-site activities for both opportunities.


All employment for J-1s must be reported in SEVIS. Students should submit requests for on-campus work authorization and academic training three weeks before the start date for the opportunities.