International Student Services

Express Mailing Options

International Student Services is able to pay for standard airmail only, and it will not have a tracking option. Standard airmail may take up to 5 weeks to reach you, depending on the country. If you would like your document sent by alternate methods, you have the following options:

Option 1: eShipGlobal

Coordinate and pay for express mailing through eShipGlobal:

  1. Go to eShipGlobal and create an account.
  2. Once your account is activated, login and select “Receive a Package from Universities” on your home screen.
  3. In the University Search field, enter “University of Washington – Seattle Campus” or click WA on the map and then select “University of Washington – Seattle Campus.”
  4. For department, select “International Student Services.”
  5. Complete the following pages with your contact and payment information. In the “Reference/Comments” section please write what you are requesting ISS to send (Travel Signature, Returning Student I-20, etc).
    1. If you are currently submitting an ISS request webform, include the eShipGlobal order number in your ISS request form.
    2. If you already submitted an ISS request form and are changing your method of getting your document, you must also notify ISS of the change. Include your eShipGlobal order number.
  6. After the payment has been received and processed, eShipGlobal will notify ISS via email that the air bill is ready to be printed. Once we receive that email, we will print your air way bill and send the document via the express service you selected. You will receive a notification email once we have shipped your document. The tracking will be updated 24-48 hours after it is processed.
  7. If you have questions about how to use this service, please email eShipGlobal directly at

Option 2: In-Person Pick-up

Limited. Only available for recipients of DS-2019s.

Option 3: Pre-Paid Envelope -Unavailable due to remote work operations.

Option 4: Academic Department (Graduate Students Only) – Unavailable due to remote work operations.

Option 5: Request your document to be shipped via United States Postal Service within the United States.

This option is available when you tell ISS via a form or email where to ship the document inside the U.S.