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Check the status of an ISS request

ISS processing is delayed due to COVID-19. Please expect up to 15 business days.

How to calculate estimated ISS processing time:

  1. What date did you submit your request to ISS?
    Official ISS intake is often the next business day after the request was submitted. This depends on time of submission and internal processes.
    The ISS processing clock starts with official intake.
  2. Count 15 business days from the day after you submitted your request to ISS.
    “Business days” are Monday through Thursday during summer quarter 2020. Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and ISS closure dates do not count as business days.
  3. Please wait the full 15 business days before contacting us to check case status.
    Students can help us work faster by minimizing calls and emails. We stop application processing to answer calls and reply to emails about case status. We want to focus on processing applications and requests as quickly as we can; we appreciate your help on this goal!
  4. If you have not received an email from ISS by the end of the 15th business day, please use the webform below to check on your request status. We are happy to check on the case status if it is outside our normal processing time.
    Your status check inquiry will be answered by an ISS supervisor.

Check My Request