International Student Services

Transfer Complete I-20

F-1 regulations require that schools notify the U.S. government when international students have completed the required steps to transfer their SEVIS record from one school to another.

When a student studying at another school is admitted, and starts the SEVIS transfer process to move their I-20 to UW, they are issued a “transfer pending” I-20.

After the SEVIS transfer process is completed, ISS prints a “transfer complete” I-20 that looks like this example.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request my new Transfer Complete I-20?

Students do not need to contact ISS to request an update to the I-20 with transfer complete information — it will happen automatically after you successfully complete the New Student Post-Arrival Check-In.

When will my new I-20 be ready?

I-20s are usually available by the 7th week of the quarter.

Your Transfer Complete I-20 will be available for download in MyISSS

I picked up my Transfer Complete I-20, and my major is different than I expected. Why is that?

The U.S. government has a system where each university major has a government code number (called a CIP code) and a matching standard name. This is because universities can use very different “preferred names” for their programs of study, and the CIP code system helps standardize information from school to school.

Learn more about CIP codes and majors.

I didn't get a Transfer Complete document for my dependents. Why is that?

If you have dependents, they do not need a transfer complete. The text on a dependent I-20 does not change after the SEVIS record transfers.