International Student Services

Documents J-1 Students Must Upload


Passport biographical page

Sample Passport

Passport expiration date page

(This is the portion of your passport with the expiration date if it is different than your biographical page.)

I-94 Online Printout or Paper Card

Air or Sea Entry

Online I-94s are automatically issued if you arrive by airplane or ship.

    • Step 1: Visit: I-94 Website.
    • Step 2: Get most recent I-94 form. Confirm your I-94 has “D/S” and “J-1” like this example. If it is different, stop and contact ISS for help.
    • Step 3: Use the print button to download a PDF of your I-94. Save this for uploading, and for your records.

Land Entry

Non-immigrants who arrive in the U.S. by crossing a land border will be issued a white paper I-94 card.

    • Step 1: Check that your I-94 card has “D/S” and “J-1” — if it has something different, or is not white paper, contact ISS for assistance before uploading.
    • Step 2: Scan or photograph both the front and back of the paper card for upload.

Signed DS-2019

Sign your DS-2019 at the bottom of the front page before making the digital file.Sample DS-2019J-1 Insurance Requirement Statement of Compliance

All J-1 students sponsored by UW–visiting exchange students, undergraduate students, and graduate student–must complete the online J-1 Insurance Requirement Statement of Compliance. There is a link to this form in the document upload page.