International Student Services

February 8, 2018

New Post-Completion Training Fee

The Post-Completion Training Fee is a new fee that will be collected by International Student Services when graduating students apply for one of the following U.S. government training authorization programs:

Why is this Fee Charged? What are the Benefits?

SEVIS record maintenance by ISS is supported by currently enrolled students through their UW tuition and fees. Alumni are no longer enrolled during the OPT or AT employment period; therefore, they will be charged a fee to cover ISS reporting requirements during the OPT/AT employment authorization.

Benefits of the Post-Completion Training Fee include:

  • Post-Completion Training Coordinator (new staff position) who will oversee advising, document processing, and maintenance of SEVIS records for alumni on OPT and AT
  • Development of improved educational materials about training authorization, including webinars, information sessions, and self-learning tools
  • Improved communication and outreach to alumni during their post-completion employment authorization
  • Processing of travel signatures
  • Processing of Cap-Gap I-20 requests
  • Federally required address and employment reporting requirements
  • Improved support for graduating students and alumni seeking OPT or AT
  • Improved and more efficient processing of employment benefits documents
  • Improved web content related to training authorization

For more information, including cost, payment details, timeline, and frequently asked questions, review our Post-Completion Training Fee information.