The University of Washington requires that all international students on F-1 and J-1 visas purchase the UW Student Health Insurance Plan (iSHIP). You may qualify for a waiver if one of the exemption categories listed in Section 2 below applies to you and you have health insurance comparable to the UW plan that is valid in the U.S.

To apply for a waiver:

  1. Register to classes and select an ISHIP option.
    Please note: The insurance counselor cannot waive the insurance charge if you have not registered for classes or signed up for ISHIP.
  2. Ensure that your current insurance plan provides a minimum benefit of US $200,000 per medical condition per policy year, medical evacuation (at least $10,000) and repatriation of remains (at least $7500). (Please note: J-1 students and their dependents must meet insurance requirements set by the US Department of State.)
  3. Complete Sections 1, 2 and 3 on the form below.
    • Graduate students enrolled in GAIP do not need to submit this form. GAIP will automatically replace the ISHIP charge.
  4. Select an ISHIP plan on your MyUW. If you plan to apply for an insurance waiver for more than one quarter, select the "annual" plan and the waiver will be effective for the entire academic year, if approved. If you select the “quarterly” option, you must submit a new waiver application at the beginning of each quarter of study.
  5. Submit the form no later than 1:00 pm on the tuition due date (third Friday of the quarter).

The ISHIP office will review your insurance waiver application and, if approved, the UW insurance charge will be removed from your UW student account.

If you do not request an insurance waiver or do not qualify for a waiver, you must pay the premium for the ISHIP by the tuition due date (third Friday of the quarter).

Please direct insurance waiver questions to:


Section 1
UW Campus Selection

Select the campus you are studying at:

Application Quarter

Select the quarter you are applying for below.

Section 2

You are eligible for an insurance waiver only if you qualify for one of the exemption categories listed below, have comparable insurance, and you submit your insurance waiver request to ISS before 1pm on the tuition due date (third Friday of the quarter).

* Graduate students under GAIP do not need to submit this request.
Section 3

Statement of Compliance with UW Insurance Requirements

I understand and acknowledge that I must maintain insurance coverage for myself and my dependents (if applicable) during the entire duration of my stay in F or J visa status at the UW. The company listed below will provide my health insurance coverage during my stay.

e.g. (###) ###-####