International Student Services

January 9, 2020

Due Date to Be Full-Time – January 20

Government Reporting Starts Next Week!

Every quarter, ISS is required to send the U.S. government a report on all our international students. The information in the report comes from your address and class registration information in MyUW.

Contact Information

Check now that your phone number, U.S. address, and home country address are all correct in MyUW.

Enrollment Requirement

  • Undergraduate Students — 12 or more credits
  • Graduate Students — 10 or more credits, or at least 1 credit of 700 thesis/800 dissertation

Due Date to Be Full-Time – January 20

  • If you are not full-time, add credits soon
  • Have a special situation or want to check your options? Use our online form to get the fastest customized advice. (Please do not also send an email; the form helps us work faster!)

Undergraduate Form:

Graduate/Professional Form: