International Student Services

November 19, 2019

Autumn Grads: On-Campus Work Permission Expires Friday, December 13

Attention students who work on campus (examples: Housing & Food Services, libraries, labs, TA/RAs, etc.)!

Quiz Question: Your supervisor said it’s okay to work on campus for one quarter after graduation. Is this true or false?

Answer: False

Your on-campus work permission ends the last day of your final quarter!

Action Required: It is your responsibility to notify your supervisor on campus.

They might not be aware of this rule.

While the UW allows student hourly workers to continue employment for one quarter following graduation, this does not apply to international students. U.S. law states the on-campus employment permission for F-1 status students expires the last day of your final quarter.

Exception: You might be able to continue working if you have OPT authorization, the EAD start date immediately follows the quarter end date, and the position is in your field of study (a requirement for OPT employment authorization).