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Autumn Quarter 12/12/2022 - F-1 Student Newsletter

Featured Topics:
  • Tips for a Successful Finals Week
  • Planning ahead for Winter 2023
  • Countdown for the Autumn Quarter Survey
  • Sign Page 1 of your I-20!
  • Getting Help from ISS during Winter Break
ISS Vibes and News
  • Top Coffee Shops on the Ave
Upcoming Events & Deadlines

ISS & ISHIP Hours this week

Tips for a Successful Finals Week

We know that finals week can be stressful so we wanted to share some tips to help you get through the week!
  • Sleep. Make sure you give yourself time to sleep so that your brain has rested before your exams.
  • Eat healthy food. While it's easy to grab something quick on the Ave or in the HUB when you're getting ready for finals, make sure to eat foods that will give you energy before you sit for an exam.
  • Remember to exercise. Whether you go on a quick walking break when studying or you go for a run after your last exam, take time to move your body so that you stay on track with your studies.
  • Make sure your immigration documents are up-to-date for travel. We know that many students head out of town right after finals are over. So please make sure you have your immigration documents ready so you can focus on taking the exam when it is time.
Good luck!

Planning ahead for Winter 2023

As you prepare for winter break, here are a few updates and reminders!
  1. Remember to enroll full-time for winter 2023. You can review the information about F-1 full-time enrollment and exceptions on our website.
  2. Be prepared for travel. Even students who plan to stay in the U.S. over winter break sometimes head over to Canada for the weekend. And yes, as Canada is a different country than the U.S., you need permission to re-enter the U.S. after your fun weekend in Vancouver. Get a travel signature. (Note: Check your I-20 to see if you have a valid travel signature before requesting a new one. You may have a valid travel signature in the MyISSS portal already.)
  3. Know how to meet with an ISS advisor. ISS advisors are available to help you with daily drop-ins! We also have weekly group advising and information sessions tailored to your primary questions.

Countdown for the AUTUMN QUARTER SURVEY!

We want your feedback! You have until this Friday, December 16, 2022 to fill out our autumn quarter survey. We appreciate those of you who have already filled it out and we want to hear from more of you! Thanks, in advance, for taking the time to tell us how we're doing.



Sign Page 1 of your I-20!

At our travel signature clinic earlier this week, we saw that many students hadn't signed the first page of their I-20!

Please make sure you sign the student attestation at the bottom of your I-20. That makes your I-20 "official."

Getting help from ISS during Winter Break

ISS staff members will be working remotely during winter break 2022 and we will not have drop-in advising available. If you need to talk to an advisor from December 19-30, please complete the contact ISS form to send us an email.

We will be back in the office and ready to help you with in-person drop-ins on January 3, 2023.

Top Coffee Shops on the Ave

Coffee in Seattle is a must. While you might prefer tea or water to coffee, you still might end up at a coffee shop to get to know a new friend, study, or even go on a date. We wanted to share our favorite coffee shops on the Ave.
  • Bulldog News -- While the honey almond latte is a real treat, some of us love Bulldog News for the news! The wide selection of magazines is super fun to browse through. Plus, they showed the World Cup this month!
  • Cafe Allegro -- Part of the charm of Allegro is the location. Many of our staff members didn't know it was there for a while because it's hidden in the alley. Plus, the upstairs seating is a treasure when it's not as busy.
  • Cafe Solstice -- Solstice is super close to Schmitz Hall which is a major bonus. And one of our staff members says they have the best tea on the Ave: Rooibos.
  • Leon Coffee House -- Wow. This place has charm, amazing latte art, and really good food. We love it.
  • Starbucks -- Starbucks is a Seattle thing and the ease of ordering coffee on the app is a time saver when we're busy in the office.


ISS & ISHIP Autumn Quarter Hours

The International Student Services office is open for regular business hours. You can visit our front desk Monday through Thursday, 1 PM to 4 PM.

The ISHIP Office has a virtual front desk Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 11 AM. An advisor is available to meet with you about insurance Monday through Thursday.
Let us know how we're doing by filling out our feedback form.
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